Philip Freiensener 

With 30 years experience learning from the great craftsmen at Art Bronze whilst a young man, Philip Freiensener has worked extensively on sculptures by Elizabeth Frink, David Wynne, Michael Ayrton, FE McWilliam and Michael Cooper.  An artist from a young age, he has a deep knowledge of the lost-wax process, specialising in the ceramic shell investment, casting, welding, metal finishing and can produce  an extensive selection of patinations on bronzes. Philip also offers a repair and refurbishment service for damaged works of art and is happy to give free advice.

Paul van Veen

A fine wax craftsman and moulder, Paul Van Veen
has been at Art Bronze for 13 years.  An art graduate and sculptor in his own right, he is responsible for receiving pieces from clients and presenting them with their wax replicas prior to Investment.  Paul is highly versatile and can often find solutions to any problems that an artist may have during these early stages.  He is also highly experienced in bronze casting and welding and works closely with Philip on larger finishing projects.