Examples featuring our work both at the foundry and in situ, from artists' models to finished bronzes.

Please scroll down to see a selection of current and archive images:

Polar Bear bronze by Jessica Schroeder

plaster by Jacob Epstein




George Vancouver
at King's Lynn by Penny R



Dham'ma Allah Noor by Maysaloun Faraj

Boot Seat
by Annika Masolle

The Beatles clay by David Wynne 1964


Lawrence Dallaglio at Art Bronze to see a head of himself by Paul Vanstone


The Earl of Leicester by Penny Reeve



Barack Obama
by Pat Rae

Bryan Ferry's Sons


Lex Devine founder of Clayesmore School by Philip Freiensener


Sheepdog Memorial at Lake Tekapo New Zealand

Harbord-Hammond Family Group by Daria Coleridge

Bronze Torsos by Petrina Stroud

Rugby Trophies by Maureen Ratel

Party Poppers by Andy Holden courtesy of Hidde van Seggelen Gallery

Ball on Legs by Annie Blanchett


Elizabeth Frink
maquette by McWilliam


Soldier's Head by Elizabeth Frink


Daughter's Head by David MacFall

Camel by Michelle Cooper

Son's Head by Laura Vicente